Mission Statement

At Destiny Formulations, our philosophy is simple: NOTHING WORKS UNLESS YOU DO.

We believe you dictate your life by the actions you take and the thoughts which inspire you, and a strong mentality is the driving force.

This mindset is what launched our journey into the supplement industry. We quickly realized the widespread corruption within the industry that’s been reeling in honest consumers and feeding them false promises and misinformation just to turn a quick profit.

The health and fitness market is saturated with hundreds of shady supplements promoting unfounded claims.

The industry's leading brands have built a cookie-cutter template by which they use complex formulas and vague proprietary blends to confuse buyers into thinking that they themselves don’t know what’s best for them. These corporations invest in misleading and flashy marketing meant to take advantage of the consumer.

So many health supplements on the market contain barely any effective active ingredients backed by research. And when they do, they under-dose them and make up the volume with cheap filler ingredients. Companies are quick to stray away from the science, and bank on false marketing rather than investing their resources into an honest and effective supplement.

We are a small company set out on a mission to empower fitness enthusiasts with the honest science behind the supplement industry. Our goal is to lead as an example by offering truly effective products.

We offer 100% transparency in our supplements. Every single active ingredient is listed on our labels and clinically dosed based on peer-reviewed research. We even published independent review articles for each of our ingredients with up-to-date citations and references at your fingertips.

NONE of the industry leading brands can match our formulas because they don’t want to compromise on their profit margins. For us, it’s not about the money. It’s about spreading the knowledge and doing right by you, our customers.

Full disclosure is our promise, and our integrity is our pride.