Why did the black pepper get arrested?

Aggravated a salt…


  • Black pepper is the natural source of Piperine, a molecule with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties [1] which may not actually do much for physical enhancement on its own. But Piperine can inhibit some enzymes that would otherwise attack other ergogenic molecules, and it can enhance digestive capacity [2]. Piperine is very commonly taken alongside supplements to increase their absorption rates and improve their bioavailability [3], helping you benefit from their ergogenic properties!
  • The research available suggests taking 5-20 mg of Piperine alongside other supplements for enhanced absorption rates.
PRIME(X) contains 10 mg of Bioperine (a trademarked brand of Piperine) per serving for optimal absorption and bioavailability of our other active ingredients! Making sure you get the most out of every scoop!







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